$120 / night per room

When renting all 3 rooms at once, we offer the following rate:

$300 total / night for 3 rooms

Rates include breakfast for guests at 9:00AM and access to 40 beautiful acres just waiting to be explored from check in to check out.


For all reservation inquiries, please fill out the form to the right, or visit our Airbnb pages for immediate information on availability.

1 bedroom listing
3 bedroom listing




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We are unable to host weddings. However, we're happy to serve as a bed & breakfast for your family during your wedding weekend ! There's a beautiful wedding venue just 2 miles down the road called Rolling Meadows Ranch (http://www.rollingmeadowsranch.com/).

If you'd like to capture the beauty of Terrapin Village in your photos, we do offer an hourly property rental. If you do choose to stay with us, you're free to do as you please throughout the property from check in to check out (including photography). However, there are additional fees if you'd like to utilize the property to host a dinner (rehearsal) or brunch. Please inquire for pricing.